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Dog Days in China – NY Times

5 February, 2010

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Shame that cat can’t become part of the North American diet. A sudden drop in the contintent’s burgeoning population of feral non-native carnivores would be incredibly welcome.

As to the commenters who  insist on the value of “man’s link to dogs,” or some such: pigs are just as bright, if not brighter, than canines; the smaller breeds more phlegmatic than their antic canine peers.

One last thing. While the consumption of dogmeat is certainly not the great definer of Chinese culture, it’s just one more aspect of the country being swept away by the Communist Party, who, starting with the Cultural Revolution, seem hell-bent on removing everything Chinese about China. The sooner someone (anyone!) replaces ’em, the better. The world has already lost too many ancient cultures to internally and externally forced change to easily afford the loss of the Middle Kingdom to modernization. Modernization, moreover, made law by what are, on the surface, proponents of Communism, which, like opium and Creationism, seems an archaic vice: one worth preserving in a museum, more antiquated, harmful, and strange than any peasant tradition, or elderly neighbourhood.

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