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Missing the Point

8 March, 2010

Turkey and the Army
You sometimes wonder what happens to editor’s minds; are they melted from years of exposure to cheap coffee and newsprint? Here, you’ve got the editors of the NYT arguing for a decrease in the Turkish army’s role in national governance. In doing so, they hit all those concepts Westerners tend to support: democratic representation, civil rule, and so on: this new century’s answers to “motherhood and apple pie.”

The point missed is that, without the Army occasionally stepping in, Turkey would be another Iran , except on Europe’s border. The current system works for the Western world, if we were only practical enough to support it, by keeping Turkey secular.

If the only price “we” have to pay for the security of knowing that the Turks are friendly is occasionally seeing some politician turfed from office, it is far more bearable than Ankara in the hands of radical Islam.

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