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24 August, 2010

Been away for a while; had a great summer, doing various interesting and challenging things with variously interesting or challenging people. Twelve hour days, and those were the good ones; working in nasty and damp, or cutting and dry, heat. Collecting minor injuries as a matter of course.  Teaching people thoroughly disinterested in the subject. Doing all this out of an ancient tent. And loving every damn minute of it.

Strange how you can step outside of the world, almost, for two months, and barely notice the time pass…  when I left Comox, to come home, it felt like I’d just arrived: like I still had weeks and weeks left.

Well, back to the world: nothing’s really changed. BP finally blocked their oil well, Harper is still around, Afghanistan is still a wretched hole, and I still need to figure out this whole work thing (by the way… anyone has work for a theatre technician, handyman, or really anything legitimate that pays money, let me know!).

Got a good friend coming from coast to coast to visit; haven’t seen her for seven years.  Will be interesting!

And that’s about that. Life will go on, and I still live.

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